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One of their antics, in which Howard assists a female caller to reach orgasm, almost gets him fired until a ratings boost forces Dee Dee to keep him and hire Fred to the team.Meanwhile, Alison announces her pregnancy, but it ends in miscarriage.In 1985, Howard becomes number one at WNBC and Kenny tries to regain Howard's friendship but is turned down flat.Howard thanks his fans with an outdoor concert by AC/DC.

In the early 1990s, Stern experienced a rise in popularity as a radio and television personality.

That November, Variety reported that screenwriter J. Lawton was hired to write and direct the film titled The Adventures of Fartman.

The film, which was budgeted between – million, was expected to go into production in May 1993 with David Permut assigned as producer under his Permut Presentations banner.

Mia Farrow then presents an Academy Award for Best Actor for Howard at the awards ceremony, who appears as Fartman once again, but Howard falls from mid air and the audience applauds.

Kenny now manages a shopping mall in Alabama and blames Howard for his downfall.

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