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But it was the movies that really turned Bond into a playboy of almost sex-addict proportions.

In the books Bond usually sleeps with one woman a novel, the same number Fleming once noted that any handsome young chap would bed while on a trip abroad; on film he beds an array of women who simply fall into his arms, sometimes several in the same night.

This offended countless fans of the books, who included the conservative literary figures Kingsley Amis (who once referred to the films as "piling outrage upon outrage") and Ayn Rand.

"Rand adored the 007 books for what she saw as their unabashed romanticism and heroic transcendence but she was appalled by the films, because they were laced with 'the sort of humour intended to undercut Bond's stature, to make him ridiculous'," Miller says.

"It's important to realise the movies are fantasies and as such require perfection." One of the cinematic Bond's key qualities, for example, is his undying confidence, a trait most cinemagoers would love to have.It doesn't matter if Bond is about to be castrated by a laser or is chatting up a girl, he never doubts his abilities and his ego is always unchecked.This has not changed in the new film, with Daniel Craig's Bond even admitting to having a "fantastically formed arse", a statement that would have made Fleming's almost painfully humble Bond cringe., the ninth Bond novel, begins with Bond staring bleakly at himself in the bathroom mirror, hung over and coughing so hard from smoking that black spots swim before his eyes.M, the boss to whom Bond is always obedient and servile (unlike the movies), then orders him to go to a detox clinic.

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  1. In 1990, she won a national competition and earned a spot dancing on the popular Fox comedy television series , a biopic of the Tejano pop singer Selena Quintillana-Perez, who was killed by a fan in 1995.

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