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So now the Washingtonians from both parties for their own selfish and nefarious reasons want to enfranchise illegal alien criminals at the expense of real Americans who work for a living and actually pay taxes.

The degenerate political class keeps pushing the productive class against the wall, mugging them via the IRS under threat of imprisonment in broad daylight. The tyranny of the Washingtonians and their apparatchiks in the bureaucracy and their demented evil propagandists in the press must inevitably result in the collapse of the first American Republic and the rise of a second Republic.

The last decade ending in 2010 saw the largest number of legal immigrants ever to enter this country in our history—13.9 million.

As his sled made its way across Europe, he told a companion: "It’s just one step between the sublime and the ridiculous.

upon delivery of the product would i be getting the brandname on the watch or would the watch be delivered without a brandname.

No matter what the reason, if you’re uncomfortable with your partner’s sexual preferences, there’s no reason to withstand them. My point is that if long range followup shots are required, you are at a severe handicap.

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