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Pepper Spray Products and Mace Products are available for personal protection.

It is important to understand the capabilities of pepper spray, Mace, or any other self defense product before attempting to use it for personal protection.

The effects of OC in pepper spray involve severe irritation to the respiration, eyes, and skin.

OC is an inflammatory agent that causes dilation in the capillaries and swelling in the eyes from the burning effects; the eyes burn and blur with tears to clean the chemical agent from the eyes.

Some people experience an intense burning sensation on the skin that is more painful if skin pores are opened by previous or current sweating.

Michael Castleman described a tear gas test in his book Crime Free: In April 1981, in cooperation with the ABC television program “20/20,” the Ventura County, California, Sheriff’s Department arranged a unique experiment to test it.

The television producers invited twelve Los Angeles women, all licensed to carry tear gas, to participate in a realistic simulation of street assault, with deputies playing the assailants.

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