Outlook 2016 inbox not auto updating

If you don't want any automatic archiving, you can archive emails and other items manually whenever you want.

This way, you can have more control over which items to keep and which to move to the archive, where to store the archive file, and so on.

Outlook Archive (and Auto Archive) moves older email, task and calendar items to an archive folder, which is stored in another location on your hard drive.

Technically, archiving transfers older items from the main file into a separate file that you can open from Outlook any time you need it.

The last but not the least step is modifying the Auto Archive settings so that from now on Outlook will move old items to the new location of your archived file.

Otherwise, Outlook will create another file in the original location.

If your mailbox has grown too big in size, it stands to reason to archive old emails, tasks, notes and other items to keep your Outlook fast and clean. It is available in all versions of Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 and earlier.

If for some reason you need to relocate your existing Outlook archive, simply moving the archived file to a new folder will result in a new file being created in the default location the next time your Outlook Auto Archive runs.

Please keep in mind that unlike Outlook Auto Archive, manual archiving is a one-time process, and you will need to repeat the below steps each time you want to move older items to archive.

If you want to archive all emails, calendars, and tasks, select the root folder in your Outlook mailbox, i.e. By default, in Outlook 2010 and later versions, the root folder is displayed as your email address (I've renamed mine to As you already know, Outlook archive is a type of Outlook Data File (.pst) file.

This will immediately open the folder where your archived file is stored.

If you have created a few different archive files, you can view all the locations at a glance in this way: In the first part of this tutorial, we have covered the Outlook Archive essentials.

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