Oracle triggers if inserting updating

:old.txt); insert into log values ('new: '

[Click Here To Tweet This] Table auditing means keeping a track of all the dml activities performed on a specific table of the database for example which user Inserted, updated or deleted a row from the table and when.For example in our case we want to fetch the data from sh_name column which belongs to our source table .Thus we will write “: New.sh_name” for fetching the current value and to fetch the previously stored value we will write “: OLD.sh_name”.Whereas Pseudo Record ‘: OLD’ allows you to access a row which is already being either Updated or Deleted from the superheroes table.In order to fetch the data from the source table, you have to first write the proper Pseudo Record (New/Old) followed by dot (.) and the name of the column of the source table whose value you want to fetch.

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Pseudo Record ‘: NEW’, allows you to access a row currently being processed.

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