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She was helped along the way by physical trainer and nutritionist Robert Reames, who worked with Mel each week to lose 48 pounds …

On 16 January, the two published an article alleging that Kekua did not exist and that an acquaintance of Te’o, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, was involved in the relationship hoax with Manti.Similar to a ghost, “one minute they’re there and the next…poof, they’re gone.” According to numerous reports and publications, somewhat understandably, millennials can count ghosting as a prime skill.In a survey conducted by Plenty of Fish, of 800 participants in the US and Canada aged 18 to 33, nearly 80% have been on the receiving end of the infamous ghost; being abruptly dumped by someone who ignores Facebook messages, texts, phone calls and more.Published pictures of Kekua turned out to be Diane O’Meara, a former senior school peer of Tuiasosopo. However, since the eruption of social media, although the term is relatively new, catfishing has become a pastime and escape for many.To clear up any suspicition the public had of his involvement, Te’o conducted an interview where he stated his innocence and explained that his relationship with Kekua had exclusively existed online, contradicting reports that Te’o had first met his lady love at a football game. Phil, Tuiasosopo confessed to the hoax, stating that he had fallen in low with Te’o and created Kekua. If catfishing simply wasn’t enough for online daters to contend with, one of the latest coined terms to define the occasional online dating difficulties is “ghosting.” Ghosting. Definition: to cease all forms of communication with a person without an official sign off or goodbye.

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And, how about the woman who thought she hit the love lottery when she met her husband only to discover his trail of lies? They were two parents not only literally parenting while intoxicated, but also leaving their three daughters sick of their behavior. Plus, he was married to an accused madam allegedly running a million dollar escort agency that was claimed to cater to some of the most powerful men in New York City. Andrea’s new boyfriend, Jordan, calls Bobby a “deadbeat” father and claims he sends explicit and harassing messages to Andrea.

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