Frankly there is no better way for Lady Gaga to endear herself to the degenerate kuffar masses then to give them a sex tape video like this, for their appetite for immorality is insatiable.No doubt Lady Gaga will now regain her all of her lost fame, and she will be lauded throughout the Western world as an artistic genius.For as you no doubt determined from their uncanny ..

Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver poses nude out in nature in the seductive photo above…

Of course what is so enticing about this pic is all the fine rocks (which would make excellent lapidation fodder) that Josephine is laying her sinful nude female body upon.

For Josephine is certainly in desperate need of a stoning ..

Description: This beautiful California girl agreed to appear in a nude massage video, she had never been filmed nude before or even had a massage for that matter.

She said she would agree to be on video only if she was covered up, we politely agreed.

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  1. On television, she was a cast member on the VH1 program called But Can They Sing? Also in 2005, Bai guest-starred in season 2 of Entourage, in which she played a love interest of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier).