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I had a score in the 400s until I found the Horizon Gold Card that preapproved me quickly and offered me a 0 credit limit.

Before this card, I wasn’t able to get any card whatsoever.

Like I said before, pick three that you want and try them a few times.

If they don’t show, make sure your popup blocker is off.

I created a free guide showing how I took my score from absolute trash (mid 400s) to where it is now (over 750). The truth is that this method works if you want to get a card but have bad credit, and I’m a living testament to that. Make sure to post your results in the comments and share any other tricks you might have with the soft pull method.

In fact, by using the methods laid out in the guide, most people are able to To summarize, the shopping cart trick is a great way to get a credit card without actually having a hard pull on your report.

The following stores have a comenity store credit card offer, and have been tested to work with the shopping cart trick.

Those are going to be the easiest comenity cards to get.Crew Jessica London JJill King Size Direct Loft Motorola My Points New York & Company One Stop Plus Overstock (Be careful with your social on this one! ) Pac Sun Romans Sportsman Guide Total Rewards Venus Victorias Secret Wayfair There are a few stores that work best with the shopping cart trick.Most people report that the Victoria’s Secret comenity credit cart gives a high chance of showing up, and I know the Express card popped up for me quickly as well.Of course once I got this card and started building my credit, I was getting offers left and right! This card is another guaranteed approval that offers a 00 limit!I suggest picking up the Horizon Gold card and this one as well.

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This means you can get a card without a “hard pull” (which damages your score) and also means you can still get a card with bad credit.

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