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Digital cameras in 2006 are still in the same primitive stages of development that PCs were in the 1970s.Today it's important to go with the newest products, unlike with film cameras.3.) Claimed better battery life.Then again, it's the fantastic wide-angle LCD of the D200 which limits the D200's life, so if I were worried about this I would see how many D2Xs shots I could get with heavy LCD use. I haven't laid hands on one yet, and today the wisdom and experience coded in firmware is more important than hardware alone. 8.) In-camera image size reduction selectable from 2,560 to 640 pixels wide.

9.) Auto ISO now allows setting the maximum ISO permitted, just like D200.Nikon's package works with JPGs, TIF, and NEF files.13.) New remote control software called Camera Control Pro available in July 2006. This also works with Nikon's WT-2a wireless transmitter, which would be fun for annoying my wife: put the D2Xs on the counter in her office, and fire away at random. Remote control used to be bundled with Nikon’s Capture 4 software, so I'm gathering that Nikon took it out of the new Capture NX to sell it separately.You will need to copy this file to the root of the memory card by using a card reader, such as is normally used to transfer images to your computer.Following are the steps to upgrade your camera from firmware version C 1.00, L 1.008 to firmware version C 1.01, L 1.008.

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This is the same idea that Canon has sold for a few years. The police will love this: it's important to be able to show that images are as they are.

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