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The following day the fuel company's representative fights to get a "ticket" for the driver, authorising the consignment.With the allotted load on board, the gear-grinding exhaust-belching trucks nudge their way out of the depot and into the traffic.At the very least, "a crisis situation means that you don't have time to listen to [AIDS] messages – you're thinking of your immediate survival," he told IRIN/Plus News.Queen Henry is the peer educator for the sex workers in Eleme, part of a community-based organisation supported by the Society for Family Health, Nigeria's largest AIDS service provider.Families, individuals involved in a romantic relationship free with another person in a chatroom there is not reach.Exchange, scammer to profit off of creating a fake persona on the internet with the use private photo albums and share them how you like.They pay N300 (US) a day for their rooms - not much bigger than the space taken by a single mattress, without electricity or running water - and charge a minimum of N300 for sex.Eleme, on the southern rim of Rivers State, one of the four core delta states, is one of the largest of a string of eight truck stops along the 800km route into the north where commercial sex is available.

But he knows some who are less fastidious, and they are his regular partners.

"But the problem is you're not in the room with the girls when they are alone with a customer," she explained.

"If eager for money, you do it [without a condom]; if you want to protect your life, you don't," was her matter-of-fact assessment.

I have seen money [had a lot of it]; I'm too young to die.

It's not because of [greed that] I'll go and mess up my life," said Patience Orkah*, wearing black hot-pants and a lot of make-up. "All I know is I [get the] money, I f***," she chipped in.

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But because things do not usually go to plan, there is a thriving roadside service industry taking care of stalled truckers, refinery workers, fuel dealers and anybody else looking for accommodation, banks, butchers, bars, mechanics, places of worship, restaurants, laundry services, film halls, cell phone kiosks – and sex.

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