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You download the app, create a profile and like Tinder, the app shows you all the users that are in your vicinity and how to contact them. But tread carefully, not everyone on there might be looking for love. It says users can find workout buddies at the local gym, share tips about nutrition and find someone who also enjoys healthy living.

The dating app Tinder is getting exclusive with a few of its users.

The dating app Badoo now allows people to upload a picture of their favorite celebrity and find dates nearby that resemble the famous person they fancy. There's a dating app for farmers, one for clowns and one for bacon lovers and now Gymder is searching for love among the protein filled cardio loving gym rats.

Or maybe you have a thing for a married co-worker or can't forget your childhood crush, upload their picture and Badoo can make that dream a reality as well. Self-described as a mix between Instagram and Tinder Gymder is designed to unite the health conscious single people of the world.

Those t-shirts were then cut into swatches and mailed back out to the 100 guinea pigs to see if a certain scent peaked anyone's interest.

Traditional dating apps are getting a little competition; from a third person.Orangutans in a Dutch zoo are getting a little help in finding a mate thanks to a new research projects that is drawing comparisons to Tinder.For humans, the dating site works by popping up a picture of a person that matches your criteria and you can swipe left or right based on your first impression.Online dating is rough, especially when it's not just your fellow singletons that are rating you.Tinder is a dating app where people swipe left or right based on your picture alone.

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  1. “We’re looking for somebody who’s a postgraduate or a young professional, and who is willing to put up with a house full of musicians! Noise control seemed to be one of the most divisive issues when it came to housemate compatibility.