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After his daughter, Jennifer Ann, was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in 2006, Drew Crecente wondered what he could do to raise awareness about teen dating violence.He set up the Jennifer Ann Crecente Memorial Group, with a web site, and started distributing literature, bookmarks, and other material. Apart from anything else, all the packing material started to dominate his living-room.But Crecente says they’re more immersive than the average page of text, and they make a point with younger viewers who are wary, or bored, with top-down messages.“It’s something they can explore on their own.

At the end, they get a sense of how bad the boyfriend is, rated as “zombie,” “werewolf,” or “vampire.”Previous winners have included games like “Grace’s Diary,” where players go through an interactive story, trying to work out what happened to Grace, and “Finding Jane” where players go to Jane’s room and follow cues for actions they might take if they’re worried about a friend.They need to fix this stuff and the game would be perfect.. For instance, to unlock a secret level make it so the person has to wait a certain amount of time or can instantly unlock the level by paying the coins.Oh also if the face expressions would change based on what there talking about.. Another thing, make the story line less predictable.I thought it was gonna be a stupid game but in the end since I'm on lvl 3 it's a really good game it take a while to get used to but it's a really addicting game !!! Maybe if they gave me more coins each day then I could cause I'm gonna end up forgetting what all I read by the time I get enough coins to go on..And I sorta like how you have to guess the words but they use words that some people don't know how to spell or have even heard of. The app it's self is wonderful, but there could be some changes made to make it perfect.

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