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This was the supreme “issue” movie — did Alex Forrest (Close) have a point when she pursued Dan Gallagher (Douglas) after a brief fling? It is this that makes the casting of Mc Elhone as Alex so clever. She is being strict with herself, not watching the film again and not making any premature moral judgments about the story. I’m exploring the idea of playing a hysteric who has her own version of reality…Her career since then has consisted of some forgettable films and the seven series of Californication, in which she played the architect wife of the compulsively adulterous David Duchovny.But her life has also been catastrophically filled with the sudden death of her husband in May 2008.“A lot of my expectations and dreams have been realised. I’ve never had an experience like that.” The shape of that thought says a lot about her.Throughout her conversation, she keeps insisting on the accidental, unplanned nature of her life and career.

There was a middle period of about three years when he was able to earn money and was flying high in his career.

A distinguished plastic surgeon, Dr Martin Kelly was found dead in the doorway of their London home, the victim of undiagnosed cardio­myopathy.

Mc Elhone was in Venice, Los Angeles, at the time, filming Californication.

Sunday Times, 02 March 2014 I ask Natascha Mc Elhone if there are rabbits. I had read that there were many in the play, a different one every night, but it looks as though I shall have to wait and see. I really liked the scene where an apparently drowned Glenn Close rose from the bloodied waters, knife in hand, only to be shot by Anne Archer as Michael Douglas watched in guilt-laden horror. It seems like only last week, but it was 27 years ago that Fatal Attraction made adultery seem an even more risky pastime than we had hitherto ­suspected. Close is said to have felt guilty about the “crazy Alex” interpretation, and, given the chance, would play the part differently. James Dearden’s story has the quality of a myth, a strong, simple tale that bears constant retelling and countless interpretations.

” “No, no bath.” There is only one rabbit in the film, and in publicity terms it made a great career move by being boiled to death. “One of the things I said to Trevor at the beginning was, ‘There’s a message here — that if you’re 39, without a man and a child, you might as well kill yourself.’ But actually, that’s trite. she is myopic — she just doesn’t see other people’s point of view.” She’s right to tread carefully at this stage of rehearsals.

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