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They may physically block the doorway, and in your attempt to rightfully leave you shove your partner out of the way.

Your partner chooses to lash out at you for this with physical violence.

But the thing about “mutual abuse” is that it doesn’t exist. In an unhealthy or abusive relationship, there may be unhealthy behaviors from both/all partners, but in an abusive relationship one person tends to have more control than the other. If you’ve ever yelled at your partner, participated in an intense argument or used physical force, there are certain instances where this would not be considered abusive.

It’s a simple concept: A hot dog, wearing headphones, jubilantly break-dancing to music. Snapchat users started posting videos and photos of a new filter available on the app of the dancing hot dog, placing it in different — and sometimes dire — situations.

When it’s over they blame you for their actions of violence in a final pursuit of control.

You shoving your partner in order to get away from them does not constitute abuse.

While it’s never healthy to yell back at a partner or be violent with them, if you are experiencing abuse you might have used one of these strategies when you felt your safety was at risk or you were trying to re-establish your independence in the relationship.

Self-defense is not abuse and identifying it as such can increase any fear you already feel in the situation.

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