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Maybe it's because i only took one 0.5, and should take more like 1.5mg/2mg?I don't want to take it any higher than those doses specifically because i'm trying to make them last me the full month, and to be able to use upto 3 times a week.Benzos, like all drugs, especially psychoactives, will affect everyone differently.The general consensus on the differences between the two drugs in question has been given, and you are going to have to work with your doctor to find the best treatment possible for you.Although xanax hits me a bit harder, i still feel more upbeat, social etc.The klonopin didn't provide the instant relief of anxiety as xanax, and surprisingly i feel pretty sleepy, from just one 0.5 pill and i can handle way more than that of xanax, why is this?

Keep in mind i can take upto 5mg of xanax with no tolerance which is a lot, and still not necessarily be passed out.

If you're getting more out of clonazepam, I'd consider yourself lucky to be unique in that sense.

Well it's been 12 hours since i took just one last night, and i can't 100% say that i am still feeling it, even though it hasn't even reached its half life point yet.

I don't want to use anymore than that, because i do not want to develop a physical addiction to them because i have read horror stories about those addicted to benzos (even taking them as prescribed) and how the withdrawals will never leave you feeling "normal" again.

Since my new psychiatrist is so nice and understanding he said that we may have to tweak things, until i'm getting the maximum benefit off of the benzos and my other meds.

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