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It’s assumed vertically-challenged men have a short temper, are creepy, incapable and don’t measure up in bed. It’s a dream of lots of guys to be able to date models.Watch some tutorials on youtube, and practice with friends and family.Your goal should be to build up a little portfolio of your pictures.What’s more, some busybodies have been spreading rumours that short men suffer from an inferiority complex.

Fact is, any beautiful girl who is offered lots of money to travel and have her photo taken would jump at the chance.Also, pint-sized Sarkozy is said to have banned tall, built bodyguards, fearing they would dwarf him in pictures. Odds seems stacked against these brief men, so much that, I suspect, even short women and female dwarfs don’t like them. Of course, most women will sheepishly answer that question with a loud ‘yes’.It is rumoured he even banned his tall model wife from wearing high heels when they were together, evident in all their photos. “I can’t date a short man” is a common slur by women, especially the short ones in seven-inch heels. As a short man, to get the respect of women you must be bloody talented or have money and power. Women can overlook a man’s looks, his bad sense of dressing, weight, bad breath and many others. And even proceed to justify it, saying retarded stuff like: “Mscheeew...problem with short men is they can’t multi-task in bed.Now I have dated over a hundred, have tens of model friends, and it’s no big deal at all.Below I am going to reveal all of the ways that you can meet and date models, as well as a few tips on how to talk to them…because it’s a little bit different. You don’t need to become a famous professional photographer to take pictures of models.

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They want someone to look up to, who will spank, kiss and generally cuddle them — a task their much-loved teddy bears are finding very challenging.

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