Mobile dating apps for blackberry

So I have a blackberry and I like to check pof like many of you. Does anyone know if this would be a problem for me to create an app for blackberry.

Our site works on Android, mac i OS, Windows 10 Mobile, Tablet, Black Berry 10, Firefox OS, Sailfish OS, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch OS and others.

I'm suspecting maybe whatever update process that was used has a format that takes longer to load. All the sites you see with apps to do various things "project" data to those apps..instacne the only way to access the use database is to use the existing aspx web site interface, so any app developed would have to use the ASPX pages that exist to get the data and then transport that data to an app which will display it in a manner that is decided by the app developer...hardly worth it really is it, I mean all you will do is basically have a different look to what you already use.

And anyway creating a dataset locally on a BB and populated by an ASPX page might be much harder than you would imagine Add a favorite shortcut to pof mobile and use it, because until pof provides an API a good app will not exist..I doubt pof can make one Lo LI had just bookmarked POF on my blackberry bold and had been using it just fine, not very many limitations.

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