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Movies, of course, also have a way of giving viewers some points to ponder on relationships and romance.So, here are some notable movies and their advices about the dating world. If there’s a movie that could be an ultimate guide to dating, then this is definitely the one.

The final note of the movie: Sometimes, he or she is just not that into you, so better move on.Lucky for me, my husband isn't into either- so a nerf will suffice;)I went with the strawberry flavor to keep with the red/pink theme, but you could totally get the orange if you would rather (and it doesn't have to be the glass bottles...I just got them so I could use one of them for the love potion)I am such a sucker for "mini" versions of things...They are both in their senior years — is there a possibility for love? Plus, if someone seems too perfect then think again, because no one is. The film is about a group of young people trying to find love and learning about life at the same time. It’s not easy and it comes with challenges that make them almost give up.

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