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And if you think "slavery" is ancient history, think again -- the sex trade (young girls sold into slavery) is alive and "well" in many parts of the world. Bottom line: Drupal is an international community, and should be inclusive of all its members.Not to mention prison laborers or conditions for immigrant workers in many places that in lots of ways resembles the slavery used to build the U. Just because a handful of you aren't bothered by this doesn't mean it's right, or that it's okay to dismiss other people who raise these concerns.Do what you will, I can't force you to rename the software.But, I'd ask you to give this a little more thought before you dismiss it.To come to these conclusions you must read into the words and bring up more thoughts then are intended.

Considering slave is a very generic term and doesn't even refer to a specific group like KKK does...I believe that black/white are just colors, (that's my point) but there are some that choose to read more into it. I don't believe that we need to corrupt the usage of language to water things down because and want to dismiss the rest of the world that are using the words correctly?Master/Slave terminology exists and is understood in engineering, databases, DNS and English. And, to some people, We kept talking about "forking children" and "killing children" and our master process was called the "mother." Finally one of the more ditzy sale women came back and asked us to explain our disturbing terminology.Or maybe in new-speak it should be "committee enabler" and "co-operator".:-/ "server/client" is actually the opposite of the functions "master/slave" describes, and therefore incorrect.

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