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Swing components are Java Beans components, compliant with the Java Beans Component Architecture specifications.

In addition to familiar components such as buttons, check boxes and labels, Swing provides several advanced components such as tabbed panel, scroll panes, trees, tables, and lists.

Complete documentation for all Swing classes can be found in the Java API Guide for Version 6 or the Java Platform Standard Edition 8 API Specification for Version 8.

Swing is a highly modular-based architecture, which allows for the "plugging" of various custom implementations of specified framework interfaces: Users can provide their own custom implementation(s) of these components to override the default implementations using Java's inheritance mechanism. Swing objects asynchronously fire events, have bound properties, and respond to a documented set of methods specific to the component.

So, for example, every Swing component paints its rendition on the graphic device in response to a call to component.paint(), which is defined in (AWT) Container.

But unlike AWT components, which delegated the painting to their OS-native "heavyweight" widget, Swing components are responsible for their own rendering.

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For example, a Swing-based application is capable of hot swapping its user-interface during runtime.

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