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A company might be unable to take orders or ship product – which can directly impact company revenue, reputation, and customer satisfaction.It can also drive additional expenses, as defects in production are much more expensive to fix than if identified earlier.Automated Business Process Validation relies on software to execute the various business process steps directly in the enterprise software systems in an automated fashion.BPV software automatically uses standard business process data during the validation, and interprets the correctness of each transaction and result. With BPV software, the business process must first be "captured" in the BPV software system so that it can be automatically executed.

This last feature is particularly helpful when companies have variations of business processes across geographies or business units.

This lack of coverage introduces technology risk in a company’s business processes.

Finally, if business process validation is done manually by IT teams, then business requirements and processes have to be unambiguously documented in advance, which is a time-consuming task.

The automation software can be configured to validate business processes on a 24/7/365 basis, if desired by the user.

The frequency of automation enables any defects in underlying business systems and interfaces to be detected and repaired quickly, before business users are impacted.

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