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Nevertheless, the primary connection between Diana, Erodiade/Herodias, and Lilith for Leland may have been that all three were associated with legends of witches.

He connected Italian legends of the Italian Erodiade with Aradia.

Because of Leland, Aradia is often associated with Lillith.

In Chapter I, Leland wrote: "How Diana Gave Birth to Aradia (Herodias)". 103-104: Aradia is evidently enough Herodias, who was regarded in the beginning as associated with Diana as chief of the witches.

This the Jews, if they did not learn it from the Assyrians in the first place, had certainly studied deeply in Babylon, where it formed the great national cult.

Folklorists in the 19th century believed that the concept of diseases being caused by "devils, or evil occult, spiritual influences" was likely acquired by Jews from the cultures of ancient Babylon and/or Assyria.

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The latter had been as Hecate the ruler of all the witches, while Lilith-Herodias was the same among the Jews, (born in England in 1075--Hist. It is as follows:-- "Deinde Taurinus fanum Dian intravit. Dmon adhuc in eadem urbe degit et in variis frequenter formis apparens, neminem laedit.

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