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Lebanese society is very modern and similar to certain cultures of Southern Europe as the country is "linked ideologically and culturally to Europe through France, and its uniquely diverse religious composition [create] a rare environment that [is] at once Arab and European".

The Lebanese system is parliamentary democracy, which implements a special system known as confessionalism.

Eid il-Burbara or Saint Barbara's Day, is a holiday annually celebrated on December 4 among Middle Eastern Christians in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Turkey (Hatay Province).

It has become Lebanon’s counterpart to the Halloween celebration, although it existed as a tradition much earlier.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Bel horizon village,adma. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ DE GAULLE Building, Sanayeh, Beirut. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- OLD traditional house in Kennedy st., Beirut.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- A typical lebanese house. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ House between pine trees. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lebanese traditional house, Bzabina. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lebanese traditional house in batroun. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Old lebanese house in hasbayya. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In aley. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Chouf area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Traditional lebanese house in Aytat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ancient Houses in Nabatieh. These old houses are being studied by the Municipality of Nabatieh, and a Project for Preserving this beautiful and rich patrimony is being studied to put to execution, the soonest possible.

In Lebanon, Lebanese Christians cook a dough that is filled with walnuts or cheese.

Heavy traffic occurs in bakeries because of people buying the traditional food for this holiday.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Traditional house in bteghrine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old lebanese house in shemlan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old house of sandstones in EHDEN.

Large clans are typically more traditional and have political and economic ties to its unit.

Instead, extended families are generally the boundaries of which these kin groups separate.

The President, for example, has to be a Maronite Christian, the Prime Minister a Sunni Muslim, the Speaker of the Parliament a Shi’a Muslim, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eastern Orthodox Christian.

Family life is very important in the Lebanese culture.

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