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I have come across lots of musicians that I think lots of people would love to hear but don’t have an opportunity to because they can’t get onto the radio or can’t get the money to tour. That’s something I’m pleased about because I feel more confident but it’s also great that enough people want to come to them.You know if you’ve got the means it’s good to help out.” It’s pertinent then that the last bastion of the struggling musician, BBC 6 Music, is under threat of closing. “I’m a huge fan of 6 Music and I’m really kind of disgusted that they’re even considering closing it,” she says. @Tisfor Taekwondo: What are your current influences and how do they differ from your earlier work?The youngest of three daughters, Marling was born in Berkshire, England, and learned guitar at an early age.Her father, Sir Charles William Somerset Marling, the 5th Marling Baronet, ran a recording studio, introduced her to folk music and shaped her musical taste, She soon joined a cluster of intertwined bands that were drawn to acoustic instruments and tradition-tinged melodies—the group formed a musical movement that was labelled "nu-folk" by the British press.I was so nervous and so completely dazed by the whole thing that I don’t remember that much.I know after the last gig my band went in to see him, and he was very sweet and then I came in and just stood there gobsmacked for about five minutes then was wheeled out of the room.Guess who was getting people to sign their mailing list? “I think it’s becoming increasingly difficult with the way the music business is going to be a new band and also because of the nature of the music that most of us make isn’t going to have much commercial appeal.We asked her about it at the time: “I believe in the cause! But there is a way — by building a fan base — and the reason that I got where I am now is by people very kindly taking me on tour and saying nice things.” “it’s not just me — there’s lots of other bands doing the same thing. @rub5ter: You once said that you would be happy with a loyal core following, playing to small intimate venues. LM: I do still get to play small shows, but I’m also much happier than I used to be playing bigger shows.

“Not an awful lot you know, as much as you try you can’t write about anything else but yourself because that’s all you know.

Her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim, her second album I Speak Because I Can, and her fourth album Once I Was An Eagle were each nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2008, 2010, and 2013, respectively.

She won the Brit Award for Best British Female Solo Artist at the 2011 Brit Awards, and was nominated for the same award at the 2012, 20 Brit Awards.

“I just think it’s such an important radio station.” Laura’s about to embark on her UK tour, and we have performances at Glastonbury and Latitude to look forward to. “I’ve had a lot of time since I wrote the second album. LM: They haven’t changed much from the music she was listening to when she made Alas I Cannot Swim.

On top of that some very exciting news filtered through to the FFS offices a little while ago. Laura says, “At the moment I’m doing pre-production for it, which is really fun. I finished writing about a year ago and since then I’ve been pretty much sitting on my bum. I count myself as very lucky.” Words: Lynn Roberts We asked you for your questions for Laura. It’s always been Bonnie Prince Billy and Joni Mitchell. It’s listed as one of of your influences on My Space. FFS’s Mum: How did you like touring with Neil Young? I seem to have blocked those three days – it’s a very short amount of time – out of my memory.

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Marling would later collaborate with Mystery Jets and contributed guest vocals to the 2008 single "Young Love".

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