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The pain and anguish that comes from looking at pornography while being entrenched in Mormonism could have destroyed my teenage years.

I think the devil will like us to focus and consume ourselves over this.They want to sell it to you and take it away as they see fit. So you’re saying, smoke a cigarette, and go on about your day, it’s not that easy, for some people, taking a drink of alchohol or smoking a cigarette they can do just one, and go on, but other people, just one is all it takes, and they’re hooked – same way with masturbation, it is still sin even if you don’t get hooked because it is tied with lust, and our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost, and we are not defile them with such practices, that is like saying Jesus masturbated, which I believe he did not, and I was one of the ones who tried it once and couldn’t stop, like most young men and men of all ages, young women and women of all ages also, now im 44, and have grown in God so much and will continue to grow, that I despise masturbation so much, hate it, as Paul said, and it needs to be out of my life – i plan to be chemically castrated soon, and hopefully that will take care of the problem. Masturbation gives you orgasm, which is actually good for your body. This is a difficult subject to speak openly about because of the strong puritan memes in society against it. I had the hard-core experience of a father who was a senior CES (church education) administrator, a mission president, “Know Your Religion” instructor, and so on. I only watched the first video and it is ridiculous. I could go on and on about this issue, these videos are pathetic and I really feel sorry for the screwed up mentality of those people in the video and those who try to justify their sins.But every little thing thats in our hearts, minds, words, and actions count, and affect us and others, and we are accountable for them. You heard it here first folks, Santa is, in fact, real.Salvation cannot be achieved by one’s works, how well or bad someone does. Florin It might be a beginning to accept yourself as a sexual human being, instead of judging yourself.And even though at times we fail, we come short, God can forgive us, and we shouldn’t loose hope. But Grace now leads to righteousness/holiness and results in eternal life. Chemical castration can cause cancer, and I don’t think you deserve that.

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This masturbation is really wrecking my life and i cant stop it, so hopefully chemical castration will work for me.

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