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Sets of sheets—still in the package—stacked in her bedroom closet, mismatched furniture—Mom and Dad’s castoffs—in the living room, the freezer stocked with Totino’s “combination” party pizzas.

A sparkling new coffeemaker, can opener, and toaster. Our kitchen table was a steal at —with four wobbly chairs thrown in the deal.

And we each contributed some furniture from our parents’ homes. Even if I never once used my wok, my cappuccino maker, or my electric knife, just owning them made me feel like a real cook, a real wife. We often think no one understands what we’re going through, but that is not true.

I visited her in the hospital the day after her baby was born, and she was disappointed that she still looked five months pregnant (as most new mothers do). “I know,” she moaned, “but I thought I would be the exception to the rule! “That the cute habits would become annoying habits.” “That your time is not your own anymore.” “That men don’t change.” “That I would think to myself at some point, Why did I marry him?Getting in the Groove I don’t remember how long it took after my wedding for me to feel like I was really married and not just playing house. Even now, months away from turning 30, I don’t always feel grown-up enough to be a wife, let alone a mom.It can take a while to get used to everything new in your life—new husband, new name, new driver’s license, new bank account, new Social Security card, new address, new phone number, new signature, new title—and that is just the beginning.A pile of wedding gifts to return, a stack of partially written thank-you notes, a spare bedroom decorated with a hodgepodge of everything that didn’t match the rest of the décor. Our first apartment was a total throwback—straight out of the ‘70s—with dark wood-paneled walls in the living room, mustard yellow and olive green wallpaper in the kitchen, gray paneling in both bedrooms, brown shag carpet, and mustard-colored sink, toilet, tub, and linoleum. Our bed and dresser were 0 together—and actually quite beautiful.Our end tables and lamps were and —castoffs from a funeral home.

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So if you wake up some days completely unable to wrap your mind around the fact that you are a married woman with your very own home and your very own husband, never fear. I had been feeling discouraged—all alone—my first Christmas as a married woman. had gotten married in May, and I hadn’t seen her since.

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  1. Though an MLCer may have either of these qualities--during or prior to MLC--and initially infidelity in MLC may have served these purposes, it becomes a relationship which is about an emotional bond with someone other than the spouse.