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After years of moving from being a beautician to a Pan Am flight attendant to joblessness and food stamps, she came into the Pentecostal ministry herself.Her messages drew from her struggles as a single black woman trying to find a “good brother” in the 1990s. The 40-year-old senior pastor of Global Destiny Church and its international ministries has been accused of abusing his famous wife, national evangelist Juanita Bynum. Q: Before this happened, how many members did Global Destiny have? He’s preparing for the conflict ahead by drawing on the word of God and the strength of the lineage of pastors in his family dating back more than half a century. A note was put on her car from someone that said they knew that we were married … A: There were moments of dysfunction, not physical abuse. I have been the one that has been physically abused. A: There are other great leaders here that can handle the ministry. the night before my 10-year anniversary [as a minister]. A: I would like for us to be friends in the future.With each sheet she wrapped around her body that day, the crowd roared for “Prophetess” Juanita Bynum. The major TV wedding that was on TBN was in April 2003. Q: Why did you wait before you announced your marriage? It was a very strong disagreement about steps and processes. and refuse to let the police take official pictures of all of the bruises? Q: Was there a separation or attempt at divorce other than this one? The first divorce papers that Juanita prepared was because some adviser in her life concocted a story that I was gay; never have been one fraction of a second. A: Juanita made a statement that when she heard about the book she felt like she had been hit in the head by a bat. Juanita thought I was holding back a studio from her. A woman said to be kicked, punched, choked and brutally beaten by her husband, does she show up at the hospital four hours later … Q: Why did you write and then pull the book “What Love Taught Me” [from publication]? A: I have never been able to contact her and I have not attempted to …

The statistics seemed to echo their concern: in 1996 on the eve of “No More Sheets,” nearly a fifth of all black women between 40 and 44 had never been married.

But now that Weeks is charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats against Bynum, some of her fans are being taught a lesson about fairy tales, some say.

“It’s a very romantic notion, but the romance rarely matches the reality,” said Renita Weems, former Cosby professor of humanities at Spelman and an ordained minister.

“But living a promiscuous life, it’s not that women haven’t heard that message, it’s just they’re not accustomed to women in ministry admitting to that in the pulpit.” Weems and other clergy and observers say Bynum took a page from the marketing book of male mega-church ministers such as Jakes, who was on the cover of Time magazine under the headline “Is This Man the Next Billy Graham? Her faith-based conferences across the country drew thousands.

” Bynum began to write books and to record CDs, and as her popularity grew, her sermons were picked up by the Trinity Broadcasting Network. “Juanita’s life is her message,” said Valerie Bridgeman Davis, associate professor of Hebrew Bible and homiletics at Memphis Theological Seminary.

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“From the purely rhetorical perspective, the sister can tell a story.

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