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REPUBLISHED NOW BY KEVIN ALFRED STROM ( a former top Pierce assistant, radio engineer, radio program host, and longtime NA activist) ON JANUARY 10th, 2016 at his website with excellent new photographs added by him by John de Nugent NICARAGUA in 1982: Squalor. In the 1850s Nicaragua was actually marching toward U. The recently surrendered Panama Canal would never have been built, because Nicaragua would have provided a far better location for the canal. Unlike most of the rest, however, Walker felt a responsibility to the future generations of his race, and he acted accordingly.) It didn’t have to turn out this way. Had the visionary conquest of Nicaragua by William Walker (pictured) and his private army not been sabotaged, that whole fruitful and verdant country might today (perhaps along with the rest of Central America) be teeming with White Americans, the descendants of settlers from the North.

secretary of state mutters darkly to reporters that he cannot rule out the prospect that American GIs may soon be fighting and dying in Central American jungles, only seven years after the fall of Saigon, in order to contain another spreading Marxist threat.“Another reason was the proto-Nietzschean judgment that it is more important to develop ‘the more splendid race’ than to lift up the inferior. Senator, John Bell of the 32nd Congress — like William Walker a Tennessean — insisted that all future annexations should be pointed north, into Canada.“Still another influence was the aristocratic exclusiveness [of American Whites] which repels untouchables with a noli me tangere. In fact, there earlier had been voices opposed to annexing even Louisiana back in 1803 because of New Orleans’ considerable Latin (French and Spanish) population. There, he said, we find “bone of our bone,” a kindred White people whose addition would add “strength and vigor to the body politic.” Mercifully absent from the great annexation debates of the last century was the gospel of “human rights” for our “little brown brothers in Christ.” A distinguished writer for Harper’s, John Burgess, expressed the healthy belief of the times: “The Teutonic [White] nations can never regard the exercise of political power as a right of all men.” What made Whites like Burgess convinced that non-Whites had forfeited any “rights” to power and land was the essentially unproductive nature of the brown- and red-skinned peoples.Except for a few New England intellectuals and divines, the bulk of the population had no desire to “civilize” the Indians and Mestizos, and no longing to assimilate them either.Representative Roger Griswold of Connecticut declared unmistakably that the United States had not been “formed for the purpose of distributing its principles and advantages to foreign nations,” but rather “with the sole view of securing these blessings to ourselves and our own posterity.” An influential book published in 1935, Manifest Destiny, by Alfred Katz Weinberg, explained this racialist attitude, albeit disapprovingly: “A key was the judgment that democratic institutions function best among a racially homogeneous and generally intelligent population.

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