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"Courses like these aren't usually my cup of tea, but when my research council offered me the opportunity to have a few days out from the usual routine of my Ph D, I thought, why not?" When she arrived at Durham, Cora Beth was pleasantly surprised.Dating apps are now seen as a normal way to ask someone out, it being easier to swipe right than to belt out corny pick-up lines.Due to its large pool of users, individuals whom detest using dating apps to meet new people are eventually forced to jump onto the bandwagon, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of growing users in the online dating scene."It's easy to become wrapped up in your research during a Ph D, and many Ph D students can suffer from tunnel vision," says Dr Charlie Ball, labour market analyst with the Higher Education Careers Service Unit (Hecsu) and co-author of the What Do Ph D's Do? "But it's worth dedicating time during your Ph D to considering your career seriously. In an increasingly competitive work climate, Ph D students have to stand out from the crowd, and prove to employers that they've got what it takes." Encouraging Ph D students to identify their transferable skills and – more important – how to market these skills to employers, is one of the main objectives of GRADschools.To this end one of the key components of the schools are the career-focused case study sessions.The mere mention of terms like "team-building" and "personal development", let alone the prospect of spending a week cooped up with a random group of Ph D students, is enough to send many doctorate students running back to the lab.

Additionally, users are explicitly prohibited from submitting false information such as fake Facebook accounts and fake employment history.Cora Beth Knowles is one former Ph D student who was more than a little cynical about GRADschools.She attended a three-day GRADschool in Durham in 2004 while she was doing a Ph D in classics at Newcastle University.But I just didn't know what options were open to me."Martin heard about UK GRADschool through his funding body and decided to sign up for a five-day residential course in the Lake District.It turned out to be one of the best decisions he could have made.

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