Is letoya luckett and slim thug still dating

) Had to get up off my ass and make this time pass Wasn't fast, but it eventually came, I'm a G in the game Street rich niggas, born to get figgas If you ain't starting on no team you fucking wit us Everything you niggas done I done done it twice Me and my Hoggz nothing nice, this is my life! And they respect me now, I'm Tha Boss of the town Slim Thug getting love when he floss around And I can be found on the same block That got one of my brothers locked and the other one shot But I ain't pushing no rocks or running from cops I'm just chilling wit my niggas posted up on a drop Naw! [Hook] [Verse - Slim Thug] I had to get rich, or either sit bitch Fuck rolling shotgun I had to get my own shit!

"But I'm not one to say: 'Oh, poor me - it's over.' I knew that as long as I kept a strong prayer life, I would be able to fulfil my destiny.Any squabbles were innocuous, though, compared with those that arose once Destiny's Child became successful.When the group released their 1999 breakthrough album The Writing's On The Wall, Luckett and Robertson were seeking to free themselves from Mathew's management contract, claiming he kept a disproportionate share of profits. I share real emotions, especially through my music, which I did on this album.The veranda view to the Nevada desert at sunset provides ample distraction, but Le Toya Luckett is late.

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"Bey found out I could sing when we were both auditioning for Pinocchio," Luckett says.

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