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The YPG had become one of the most effective bulwarks against ISIS, so much so that the Pentagon had offered support, and Western volunteers, many of them military veterans, had started enlisting.

Brace Belden can’t remember exactly when he decided to give up his life as a punk-rocker turned florist turned boxing-gym manager in San Francisco, buy a plane ticket to Iraq, sneak across the border into Syria, and take up arms against the Islamic State.

The YPG, which barely existed before 2011, had been so successful in battling ISIS that the Pentagon wanted to give the Kurds and their allies more support to aid the assault on Raqqa, but Turkey, which considers the YPG a terrorist organization, has strongly objected to the idea.

Belden, for his part, offered this assessment: “ARM 👏 THE KURDS 👏 SPECIFICALLY 👏 PISS 👏 PIG 👏.” Belden’s irreverence is steeped in the values of what has come to be known, by its own description, as the Dirtbag Left — a digital community centered on the ideas that Bernie should (and would) have won, that America’s professional political and journalistic classes are rotten, and that if the world is doomed, we might as well laugh about it on the way down.

It was Thanksgiving Day in America, but Belden wasn’t celebrating.

His or platoon, had spent the past three weeks advancing on Raqqa, the Islamic State’s de facto capital, clearing villages of ISIS fighters along the way. “Part of me knew what I was getting into,” Belden said.

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When I first talked to Belden, in November, he had been in Syria for two months and was looking forward to his first shower in weeks.

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