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Iran now performs more sex change operations than any other country besides Thailand.Not only are more people petitioning for sex change operations, but coverage of transsexuality in both the Iranian and international press has intensified since 2003—all with a positive attitude about the recognition of transsexuality and the legality of sex change operations in Iran.

Despite the risks, Amin decided to forgo surgery and risk pursuing her same-sex attraction as a woman in Iran.“I thought there was something wrong with me,” she says.“I thought, maybe I should change something.” By “something,” Amin was referring not to her identity or lifestyle, but to her gender.Writing to Ban Ki Moon, the UN secretary general, and Navi Pillay, the high commissioner for human rights, Mrs Ebadi, a human rights lawyer exiled in the UK, said the real agenda was to reduce the proportion of female students to below 50% – from around 65% at present – thereby weakening the Iranian feminist movement in its campaign against discriminatory Islamic laws."[It] is part of the recent policy of the Islamic Republic, which tries to return women to the private domain inside the home as it cannot tolerate their passionate presence in the public arena," says the letter, which was also sent to Ahmad Shaheed, the UN's special rapporteur for human rights in Iran.

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“If I was that young girl living in Iran today, I would have considered having a sex change operation,” even though she has never identified with being male.

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