Invalidating childhood environments and core beliefs

The tendency to translate from belief (here: doxa - common opinion) to knowledge (here: episteme), which Plato (e.g.Socrates of the dialogue) utterly dismisses, results from failing to distinguish a dispositive belief (gr.The adherence to accepted and shared beliefs by members of a social system will likely persist and be difficult to change over time.Strong beliefs about determinant factors (i.e., security, survival, or honor) are likely to cause a social entity or group to accept rules and norms.Rules function as a coercive regulator of behavior and are dependent upon the imposing entity’s ability to enforce them. Regulative mechanisms accepted by the social collective.

Beliefs are sometimes divided into core beliefs (that are actively thought about) and dispositional beliefs (that may be ascribed to someone who has not thought about the issue).

opinion) and knowledge even when the one who opines grounds his belief on the rule, and is able to add justification (gr.

logos: reasonable and necessarily plausible assertions/evidence/guidance) to it [3].

Philosophers have tended to be more abstract in their analysis, and much of the work examining the viability of the belief concept stems from philosophical analysis.

The concept of belief presumes a subject (the believer) and an object of belief (the proposition).

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