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I suggest that after the change from terrible to beautiful, the song was made less intimidating.

Here's what the band had to say about the reasoning behind the change:"Everyone can relate to negative feelings and that realization of the dark side to humanity, which unfortunately we see too much of around us at times.

Also, we see the return of the astronaut in the music video, so at least the mystery stays alive!

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If nothing else, this will help me pass on my disturbed feeling to you, the reader. And the guy is clearly John Hinckley Jr., who tried to impress Jodie Foster by shooting Ronald Reagan? She pretty clearly doesn’t, and I think deep down you know that.However, when I saw them in concert this year, the lyric had changed to "I am a human being capable of doing beautiful things".Before the change, the song had a very dark and haunting sound.But there's the other side we find in beauty, positivity and love that is ultimately more powerful, so we started to change the lyric on this song during our live shows and are excited to now share a new version with you all called 'Run (Beautiful Things)'.While these small changes go unnoticed by your average listener, they sure seem to make these fans go crazy.

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