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You have to find out if you can spend time with each other without being bored, and if you can hold a conversation about anything other than how pretty you think each other is.You’re not spending ,000 a year to date somebody.You’ll put in a few to several hours of work, depending on what kind of a writer you are, and you’re not going to be compensated for that time. They get traffic because of the articles they publish. Your work is free labor to them, and do you profit from it? I know some people out there are like “but it boosted my traffic!However, Huffington Post makes money on their traffic, so whatever traffic comes from or to your post, they profit from it. ” Of all the bloggers I’ve heard from, most didn’t see a substantial change in traffic.

You really shouldn’t date someone solely because you’re attracted to them.If you can do this with a boyfriend/girlfriend by your side, great!But it’s really easy for your other friends to feel like you’ve abandoned them if all you do is hang out with your crush.I remember in my early days when I was just building my design portfolio, I asked a client to keep our project rate confidential as I’d not ever give that kind of a price break to anyone else.Naturally, he told all of his friends, so when I quoted his referrals, they balked and said “BUT XYZ ONLY PAID $ABC, YOU’RE TRYING TO RIP ME OFF.” The business he sent my way was more emotionally detrimental than it was profitable.

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Besides, if your post is THAT good, if you really think its virality is off the charts, SELF-PUBLISH THAT ISH. Reap reap reap, high five a million angels, and get yourself a pedicure with the ad revenue you earned from all that crazy traffic.

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