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If you can avoid wasting a hiring manager’s time by getting right to the point, you’ll definitely make a positive impression.

I personally prefer sentences on a résumé and utilize very few bullets to draw attention to specific details I want to stand out.

Your objective should mirror the hiring company’s mission and voice.

If the organization is focused around youth and children, it’s worthwhile to emphasize that these issues are also important to you.

Even though I hated doing this, I also attest my high volume of first interviews to the fact that I took the time to cater each variation of my résumé to a specific job description.

As I read more job postings, I realized some tasks from previous jobs were more applicable than what I currently had on my résumé.

By reworking old job descriptions and narrowing my content to only the skills that were most important for the current application, I could bolster my skill set to speak to each new job description.

As a bonus, this little bit of research into your company’s purpose will help you stand out both on paper and in the interview.I poured my heart into my cover letters, so why did I need an objective on my résumé?Well, even though it pains me to say this after sinking so many hours into writing cover letters, a cover letter might not even be read if your resume doesn’t pass the test first.Your résumé doesn’t need to look pretty—it should always look professional—as long as your content is solid.Read on for some of the most important things I learned!

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This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s hard to remember everything you do in your current role because you’re too busy doing it.

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