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This can add an interesting element to the contact, in that you may be speaking to someone on the other side of the globe.A Direct Contact means that you connect directly to the ISS from a radio installed at your location.At , the ISS cleared the horizon above Lawrence, KS, and the DCAR folks hailed the ISS.While we waited to connect, our emotions swung wildly from anticipation to despair to total elation.The club did make some purchases but wouldn’t allow us to reimburse them, as club members planned to use the items in the future.

The major decision that will need to be made is between two types of contact: a Telebridge or a Direct Contact.In collaboration with NASA, ARISS facilitates radio contact with the ISS and gives students a unique chance to apply their STEM studies to an amazing, real-life experience.It also places careers in space exploration at the forefront of their imaginations.While programming is an important part of your educational plan, you will also be asked to describe how you will market the event, select questions for the astronauts, and envision the day of the contact happening.While many of our programs were low cost, we held one technical program that was fairly expensive: building individual crystal radios.

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