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Within a year or so after I started buying toys for my kids, my own dad actually turned up my old American Flyer train, and within another year my mother turned up my old Erector Set.They were so well made back then, you just didn’t throw them away. When I started collecting, I found that this was not unusual—handing down from generation to generation.There are still sets they call “erector sets” these days, but nothing like what I had 50 years ago.There are exceptions—I continue to buy Legos, which I enjoy.They are among the few toys that I still think well of.Legos have always been good in terms of function—they challenge kids’ creativity.Highlights include building sets that trace the history of such childhood favorites as Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, Tinker Toys, and LEGO® bricks; rarer and less familiar toys from around the globe; and examples featuring specific buildings or building types, such as skyscrapers and suburban homes.

I decided to keep my collecting interest fairly broad. Moeller: How did your philosophy of collecting develop?Not only was the result authentic, but the set fit together easily—it was easy to use.Some others are so awkward and hard to build with—really not for kids at all. It’s the oddball sets that are rare because not many were made.I started writing letters to people, joining collectors’ groups and clubs, and found out where you can get these things.Most of the items initially came from other collectors.

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