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It’s a bit complex and mathematical, but I’ll try to break it down.

My favorite part of playing Tekken is how open-ended the game is.

There’s no one way to play it: you can turtle, you can space, you can be aggressive, and you can be a mix of those elements. First, if you put your opponent in a certain situation that could be beneficial to you, you want to know all your options so you take maximum advantage of the situation.

This is also what makes the game difficult: given how many play styles are available, it’s tricky to cover all the options, and predict how your opponent is going to play. I always like to say that the player with the most confidence is probably going to win. A flowchart always makes you confident and secure, because you always have a plan. For instance, if you get a knockdown where he’s face down, head towards you, you want to know which moves you have, and which of your opponent’s escape options they cover.

Then you won’t hesitate, you’ll just choose one option and go with it.

This speed of thought will also keep the pressure up, and won’t let your opponent get away.

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Example: Armor King’s f 2,1 -give you large amounts of frame advantage on block/hit.

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