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Frequent updates are required, though an auto-update feature eases the downloading and installation of the latest software patches. Formerly called Tutors Edge, this is a well-integrated product providing synchronous text messaging, audio, polling, and whiteboard features via multi-point connections.Elluminate (v Class) is not cost free, though it is easy to install and use.Because contact lists are stored on the MSN servers, they are accessible from any Messenger-equipped computer.Unfortunately, the full contact list is permanently displayed and this can be annoying if the list is lengthy.Users cannot make themselves invisible or limit file-transfer capabilities to specific contacts.However, they can block all contacts from seeing that they are online.Sexxy Mofo Webmessenger is the next generation of instant messaging.Beyond text messaging, the Sexxy Mofo Webmessenger provides rich, web-based, multi-lingual, text and streaming audio/video communication.

The package permits multiple user profiles, so that users who share a single computer can each establish an individual IM account via the same client software.Contact lists from the different services are dynamically updated.Set-up wizards guide the user through the creation of user names and passwords for the different services available.It features large, easily recognised icons and menus that simplify tasks such as the addition of contacts to address lists.As with AOL-IM, buddies can be organised into groups, and moved or copied from one group to another by a simple drag-and-drop method.

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