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Upon my approach into the village of Cheddar it all went a bit odd; the roadside was awash with strawberries, postmen were riding past on their bikes en route to deliver mail to people who all seemed to be holding fetes in their garden, at least judging by the amount of bunting on show.

If that doesn't set the scene for you then the woman cruising along in her horse and cart should do the trick.

Sea Quarium offers an underwater voyage of discovery, where you can experience aquatic life from several regions of the world including the Amazon, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and from our own shores around Britain.

Located on Clarks original manufacturing site, the village is an exciting leisure and shopping development.

Navigating through all this didn't take too long and soon I was greeted with cafes, pubs and a plethora of cider shops which told me I must have made it to Cheddar.

Leaving the grockles behind the road sets you to work straight away as you climb out of Cheddar.

an unforgettable family day out, visit the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge.

Located near Salisbury in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, it is a highlight of the South West.

While not particularly technical, your car placement does need to be precise as this section squirms like an eel and is as snug as David Coulthard's denim so a brief lapse in concentration could be costly.Assumptions are oh so easy to make and usually once made they're often filed away neatly in the 'decision pending' section of your mind, never to be seen again.This was very much how it went regarding my view of the B3135, a road that kept cropping up as a great road but I'd always assumed it couldn't really be that good for 3 reasons: (1) it's too small, only 14 miles so surely you'll just get into your stride and then it'll stop, (2) it's bloody tourist central, there'll be hundreds of 'em spilling into the road left, right and centre clutching crystals and bits of stalactites they'd managed to rip from the caves, and (3) it's too small. I decided enough was enough and on a bright July morning I took a detour to visit the home of Cheddar cheese and find out whether this road was as tasty as people say it is.Back in the Oakhill Inn with a drink and a ploughman's I decided that next time, rather than base my opinions on an assumption, I'd get off my lazy ass and find out for myself.With scenery that'll get the juices flowing and a road layout that'll get the blood pumping, overlook this road (as I nearly did) and you'll be the one missing out.

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  1. He was exactly as he seems on television, always talking a mile a minute. We saw each other a couple of times, but I was hardly dreaming of marriage, if only because I got the impression that he could lose interest as quickly as he had developed it.