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This chapter discusses property and equipment accounts.

(See paragraph 30.95.) Prior to 1996, construction costs for improvements or additions to a building were capitalized as part of the original building only if the addition or improvement significantly increased the useful life of the building beyond the current depreciation schedule or added functionality or space, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.Property and equipment information is published weekly, monthly and annually in various publications as described in paragraphs 60.15, 60.20, and 60.35.A detailed table showing costs and net book values, by office, for land, buildings, building machinery and equipment, construction, and other real estate also appears in the Board's This account includes all expenditures to acquire a site (such as purchase price, closing costs, and attorney/recording fees), and costs to prepare a site for construction (such as the removal of existing structures, draining, filling, and clearing).Installation costs should include external costs of services, such as consultants who are contracted to work on the installation project, and salary and related benefits of staff and travel expenses incurred by staff or consultants who are directly involved with the installation project.Integration costs that are related to the installation of equipment should also be capitalized.

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