Error updating view attempt to reopen an open container

A user should not be able to select individual documents for storage in i Cloud.When an application launches for the first time on a device, it should do the following: subclass) must have a file URL that locates the document file either in the local application sandbox or in an i Cloud container directory, whichever is the user’s preference. The following discusses guidelines and procedures related to file URLs, document names, and the creation of new documents. However, an application should not require a user to provide the document filename or display name when he or she creates a new document. A document-based application is responsible for managing its progress through that cycle.As you can see from the following list, most of these life-cycle events are initiated by the user: documents of an application are stored either in the local sandbox or in an i Cloud container directory.

It stores this option as a user preference and refers to this preference when saving and opening documents.

Although the view controller in the example does not implement the completion block, the completion handler is sometimes used to assign the document data to the document’s view or views for display. This method saves the document data, if necessary, and then executes the completion handler in its sole parameter.

A good time to close a document is when the document’s view controller is dismissed, such as when the user taps the back button.

Based on whether the device idiom is i Pad or i Phone (or i Phone touch), the root view controller adds the view controller to the split view or pushes it on the navigation controller’s stack.

Listing 4-5 Responding to a request to open a document method is executed.

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