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To solve, regenerate a new certificate and make sure the hostname matches that of your real hostname. Please note: You're still gonna get that first dialog box with warning that you're using a certificate thats not verified/valid but you shouldn't get that second dialog.Also, make sure both client and server SVN versions are the same, differing SVN versions cause great havoc.If the data on your screen does not match, your connection may be compromised.Reject the certificate and contact us directly and include the full error in your message.It also introduces some risk that a fraudulent or undesirable variation of a domain may go unblocked.When enabled, denies access to sites that offer an expired or not yet valid certificate.Because many certificates do not include CRL or OCSP information, this option can result in a high number of verification failures.

Using the full 571458-tools1.URL gives a completely different IP.This issue persists for any case where your repository URL's hostname does not match that responded by the SVN server's certificate.I imply you are using a self-signed certificate via the Visual SVN certificate generation tool.EDIT: - I've been able to get rid of the "hostname" error by changing my self-signed certificate hostname to the numeric IP.However, all other symptoms remain, including the mysterious "The certificate has an unknown error." - I'm convinced (though comments indicate otherwise) that the 1.8.8 upgrade broke something on Mac OS X and am very interested in rolling back versions to troubleshoot further. And as one last follow-up, apparently there was a bug using subversion 1.8.8 and serf 1.3.2 and earlier.

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