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The descendants of another, the Hedareb (also known by their language, T’bdawe), inhabit northern Eritrea today.

The Bahre Negash 14th-18th Century) The kingdom of the ‘Sea kingdoms’ or Bahre Negash, arose in highland Eritrea in the 14th century and stretched from the Mereb River to the seacoast, encompassing the core of modern Eritrea.

The Ottoman Turks (15th-19th centuries) arrived in the Eritrean coast at the start of the 16th century, carving out an enclave from the realm of the Bahre Negash.

MODERN COLONIAL RULEItalian Colonization (1881-1941): The Italians established an outpost at Assab in 1881, which they used as a base to move northward toward Massawa as Egyptian power declined.

Four years later, they annexed the province of Habesh.

PRE-HISTORY The earliest hominoid remains in Eritrea date from two million years ago, placing the land near the dawn of humankind on the planet.

Stone tools from Abdur-at 125,000 years old-are the earliest, best-dated evidence for human occupation of a coastal marine environment.

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Among them were extensive settlements circumscribing modern-day Asmara and large sites at Qohaito, Tekhonda’e and Keskse (near Adi keih), at Metera (near senafe) and at Der’a (near Halhal), with more discovered each year.

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