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The appellant argued that the passages cited by the Examining Division with respect to feature F3 (D5, page 186, lines 5 to 12 and section 10.5.2) related to providing logs for schema changes to the plurality of backup systems.The Examining Division seemed to have interpreted D5 as meaning that a sequence of update commands could be generated.10-2, where a set of test transactions is run on the new schema in order to decide whether the new schema is OK or not.

This passage related to the change of attributes, but did not disclose the deletion of data subject to the database change indicating a modification of the corresponding field.

A database schema defines the tables (types of records) and, for each type of record, includes information relating to each field.2.1 According to the technical background described in paragraph [0005] of the description, data records of a database that do not conform to the new database structure defined by a new database schema are invalidated and permanently deleted.

Hence, any change in a database schema, including a simple modification of a single field in the schema, results in the invalidation of the entire backup database.

Moreover, the claimed "comparing step" was performed before database schema changes were implemented in the database, whereas the test transactions were run after the implementation of the schema changes.

In fact, D5 did not store any previous database schema, because all schema changes were implemented immediately by broadcasting log messages.

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