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Never think that an area has been "done over" as it has been proven time after time that gold can still be found ....

even today., which was worked in the early 1880s, between 19, in 1910, 1912, and the late 1940s.

The Pioneer reef was mined in three main sections up to a maximum depth of 55.5m and a maximum thickness of 60cm.

Minor pyrite, pyrrhotite, and chalcopyrite occur in the hanging wall and footwall sections.

Active mining in the area has virtually ceased, and the only recent production has been from the precipitation of copper from the mine waters at Mineralization is restricted to the Palaeozoic rocks, and to the Upper Permian and Lower Triassic granitic rocks.

Cold mineralization in both granitic and sedimentary units, occurs in narrow veins, composed of quartz, or quartz and calcite, and is accompanied by abundant sulphide mineralization (pyrite, arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite).

The main centres of past production in the Monto Geological Sheet area have been Glassford, Many Peaks and Mount Cannindah (copper); Calliope, Milton (Norton), Monal and Cania (gold).

Trial crushings in 1935 yielded 200grams of gold from 39.6 tonnes of ore.

Although attempts were made to mine the Pioneer reef in the late 1940s, they were unsuccessful.

A recent programme of diamond drilling carried out by the Mines Department failed to locate any mineralisation of economic grade.

Stillwell described the ore as comprising quartz, calcite, chlorite, and pyrite, with very minor quantities of arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, tetrahedrite, native bismuth, and gold.

The gold occurs both free in the quartz and in the chalcopyrite and pyrite.

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Many large xenoliths of hornfelsed sediments of the Curtis Island Group, exposures of pegmatite and granodiorite, and intermediate and acid dykes occur in the general vicinity of the reefs.

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