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Sparks fly, and the chemistry between them is ridiculous.

Their short initial exchange piques Davison’s interest, so when he becomes single, he thinks of Allegra. Here’s the problem: Allegra wants nothing to do with the paparazzi and press coverage that comes with dating Davison because of her secret past.

(It’s also worth noting that despite his forthright nature, his first time meeting Allegra was an exercise in eye-sex and took hand-holding to a whole other level.) Considering the undercurrent of the weight of Allegra’s unknown past and the way it was slowly exposed over the course of the book, Sofia Tate did an excellent job of gauging the right amount of drama between Davison and Allegra.

If you thought Ashton was going to take getting dumped lightly, think again!

She pops up like a Whack-a-Mole with a snooty attitude.

She is passionate yet wholesome, but not so innocent as to be unbelievable.A remporté la médaille de bronze au Trophée NHK à Tokyo, JPN … 2007-08 : La médaille de bronze remportée au Championnat du monde () marque un jalon dans sa carrière … 2006-07 : A subi une chirurgie au genou en septembre …S’est classée 7e au Championnat du monde à Calgary …As a gifted opera singer, Allegra Orsini's only obsession is music-until she meets him.A strikingly handsome and powerful man with a life splashed across the tabloids, Davison Cabot Berkeley isn't what she expected.

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