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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your i lived in europe, it was not uncommon to see them at a lot of the nightclubs. Lying about your gender is just grounds for getting up and walking right out the door.no one really paid any attention to them, except like minded ones,, and some you had to look twice to make sure,, real expensive clothes. Oh thank God, Kit..can sit over here on the **** Couch with me.It's an insult to a queen and depending on the queen could get you thrown out of the venue or called out in front of the entire audience. Don't get up on stage when a drag queen is performing No matter how much you have had to drink or how much you enjoy the song the drag queen is performing; don't get up on stage when a drag queen is performing.In most cases you will either be thrown off the stage or removed by other queens. Many styles of drag -- respect them all I can't even count how many styles of drag I have seen queens perform. No, not all have been; however, I will say I respect each and every one of them because drag is an art form and it takes talent to perfect it. So for all those reasons it deserves my respect and I give it. I'm not saying don't have an opinion, just be respectful with that opinion.If for some reason you feel the urge to touch their weave, please refrain or at the very least ask permission first, if you don't I feel very sorry for you. Only speak to a drag queen when spoken to while they are painting For those unfamiliar with the term "painting," this refers to when a drag queen is applying their make up to transform into character.There are some queens that can talk and joke while they are painting, but until you know whether they are this type or not, only speak to them when they speak to you.I have seen drag queens give a performance of their life and not get a reaction from the crowd because the song didn't connect with the audience or was unknown.I have also seen drag queens come out and almost stand on stage, but because the song was popular the audience went crazy. So there are the 10 things, plus a bonus, I have learned being married to a drag queen.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... It's bad enough to meet up with someone new and they are bald, fat, or otherwise completely different than their pics show, or older than their profile says.So please tip them as generously as you can afford.However, under no circumstances should you tip in coins or throw coins up on stage. You are a "better man than I am," because there's no way I'd have sat there for 45 minutes with this person. WOWYeah, you should have handled it differently..should have left the minute HE walked in.

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I didn't say it wasn't a good story.was quite hilarious....kudos! I don't like hurting peoples feeling when i meet them.

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